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BMCHINA2014 + COPE2014 2014中國(重慶)海外置業投資、移民留學展 China Chongqing Overseas Property Investment Immigration Exhibition 2014 2014年4月24日-26日 Date: April. 24-26, 2014 重慶國際會議展覽中心 Venue:

BMCHINA2014 + COPE2014


China Chongqing Overseas Property & Investment Immigration Exhibition 2014


Date: April. 24-26, 2014


Venue: Chongqing International Convention& Exhibition Center, Chongqing China

1、基本信息Basic Information:


Date : April. 4-24, 2014


Venue: Chongqing International Convention& Exhibition Center, Chongqing China

主辦單位:重慶建宇展覽有限公司 重慶市工商聯(總商會)建材商會

Organizer:Chongqing jianyu Exhibition Co., Ltd.

ChongQing Federation of Industry & Commerce (General Chamber) Association of Dealers of Building Materials



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咨詢熱線Hotline: 023-62925058 / 13983134299

2、重慶介紹Introduction of the Exhibition:


  As the Municipality of People’s Republic of China, National Central City, Chongqing is the economic , financial, shipping, politics, culture, education, science and technology center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, national comprehensive passenger transport center, export processing base inland and the first area inland to open wider to the outside world, modern manufacturing and high-tech industry base in China, industrialization of scientific research base and demonstration area of ecological civilization in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the demonstration area for development of circular economy in the central and Western Regions, the region of the western development drive by Chinese government, pilot area of national urban and rural comprehensive reform, city of national historical and cultural, a international metropolis.



  According to statistics, there are 12,500 millionaires and 800 billionaires in Chongqing. Investors to buy overseas property are expected to be not less than 200,000. There is a huge demand for overseas property investment in Chongqing.

3、展會亮點Exhibition Highlights:

  熱捧: 海外置業大勢興起,華人熱衷海外房產

  Been touted:Overseas real estate trend rising, Chinese crazy for oversea property.

  財富: 重慶千萬富豪12500人,億萬富豪800人

   Wealth:12,500 millionaires and 800 billionaires in Chongqing.

  唯一: 重慶海外置業投資移民第一展,獨一無二的海外地產銷售平臺

Uniqueness:The first Overseas Property & Investment Immigration Exhibition in Chongqing, unparalleled sales platform for oversea real estate.

品質: 全球海外豪宅同臺亮相,彰顯至尊品味

Quality:Global oversea mansion show together, reveal the ultimate taste.

  精準: 面向置業、投資、移民、留學、海外旅游等高端人士聯誼推廣

Precision:Advertising to high-end personage of real estate/investment/immigration/study abroad/oversea tourism.

  聯袂: 商會、協會等20多家機構聯袂推廣,共同邀請參觀嘉賓

Co-marketing:More than 20 institutions of chambers and associations joint to promote and invite visitors.

  傳播: 逾100家媒體整合推廣,報刊雜志全程追蹤、電視臺現場采訪直播

Spread:More than 100 medias intergrating promoting; Newspapers and magazine whole course tracking; TV station live interview on live.

  推廣: 建宇展覽團隊豐富的專業觀眾數據庫及展會推廣經驗

Promotion:jianyu expo group ‘s rich database of professional audience and exhibition promotion experience.

  發展: 全場演繹奢華品牌,展示富麗生活,一站式采購咨詢服務配套

Development:Full interpretation of luxury brands.; Showing the rich live; One-stop procurement advisory services.

4、參展范圍Exhibition Scope:

海外房地產開發商Overseas Real Estate Developers; 

海外留學和培訓機構Overseas education and training institutions;

移民服務機構Immigration Servicer;

銀行和金融機構Banking and Financial Institutions;

律師事務所law firm;

國際投資咨詢機構International investment consultancy;

中介代理、媒體、室內設計與裝潢Metamediary/ Media/Interior Design and decorate

5、參展費用Exhibition Fee:

  1)參展費用:人民幣16000元/ 9m2 

  Standard booth: CNY 16,000/booth; (9 square meters)  


  Note: Standard booth fee includes a show space of 9 sq.m.(3×3 meters) with construction, Exhibition floor carpet, booth title, two spotlights, one negotiation table, two chairs, two lamp ,one 220V/5A power socket .



  Open space: CNY 1,680 /sq.m.

Note: Open space fee includes a show space of at least 36 sq.m., excluding any facilities. Expenses on 

exhibition equipment, power and booth construction shall be borne by exhibitors. Special decoration fee 

  shall be additionally paid to the Exhibition Center.

6、參展程序Exhibition Procedures:

參展單位請詳細填寫《參展申請表》,并加蓋公章后傳真或交寄至大會組委會。報名后3天內將參展費用一次性匯入大會組委會指定帳號,從而確定展位,否則所定展位不予保留。Exhibitors shall complete the Application Form in detail with their official seals stamped before faxing or mailing it Form to the organizing committee, and remit relevant exhibition fee to the bank account designated by the organizing committee within 3 days after the registration for reservation of the booths; or otherwise no booth will be reserved.。


Exhibitors shall send company profile or product introduction (within 200 words) to be published free of charge in the Show Catalogue in the form of Microsoft Word to [email protected] before fApril 12, 2014. The content cannot be published if delayed.



Please refer to Exhibition Guidance for all service matters including exhibits' transportation and customs declaration, visa, exhibitors' accommodation and main activities, equipment rental, special decoration, utilities of water and power at the booth. Exhibition Guidance shall be faxed or mailed one month before the opening ceremony of the Exhibition.

7、聯系我們Contact us:

聯系人Contact: 劉偉  手機Cell:13983134299   QQ: 1346422139

單  位Organizer: 

重慶建宇展覽有限公司Chongqing jianyu Exhibition Co., Ltd.

電  話Phone: 023-86376000 62925058 86376228

傳  真Fax: 023-86376218 E-mail: [email protected]

地  址: 重慶市南岸區江南大道19號城市之光大廈10F4室

Address: Room 10F4 Building Chengshizhiguang, No.19 Jiangnan Avenue, Nan'an District, 

Chongqing China

郵  編Postcode: 400060



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